Windows XP Migration and Imaging

Windows XP is dying. Actually, it’s been dead for awhile, but the Zombie OS just keeps resurrecting itself as the “Operating System of choice for older computers.”

However, support has recently ended for XP. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, leaving thousands of businesses vulnerable to hacker attacks and system outages. In addition, customer information (if stored) can be easily accessed through network computers on Windows XP, even with all available security patches to date.

How do you solve the problem? Call me.For travel expenses and a flat rate per PC (depending on quantity), I can migrate all of your business’ computers to a new operating system of your choice. What’s even better… I can have your network setup overnight (or over a weekend if necessary) to provide a smooth and seamless transition to the new operating system for your employees.


It costs less than you think. Many options available, and all procrastinators who still have Windows XP installed on their workplace computers are officially out of time.

Call me at 770-744-4473 for a free quote on your business’ XP migration.