Toxic Skies: Cloud Seeding, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification

Toxic Skies

Cloud Seeding, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification


Michael Fleming



Said Jeremy Jonathan Joseph Jones,

“The weather is far too dry,

So I reckon I’ll have to stir my bones

And try the effect of concussive tones

Upon the lazy sky.”

So Jeremy Jonathan Joseph went

Away to the nearest town:

And there his money was quickly spent

For queer contraptions all intent

To make the rain come down.

There were cannon, and mortars, and lots of shells,

And dynamite by the ton;

With a gas balloon and a chime of bells

And various other mystic spells

To overcloud the sun.

The day was fair and the sky was bright,

And never a cloud was seen;

When Jeremy Jonathan set alight

His biggest fuse and screwed up tight

The joints of the rain machine.

He fired a shot, and barely two,

When the sky began to pale;

The third one brought a heavy dew,

But at the fourth tornadoes blew,

With thunder, rain, and hail.

It rained all night and another day,

And then for a week or more;

It flooded the farm in a scandalous way,

And drowned poor Jeremy, sad to say,

Who Couldn’t stop the pour.

O! Jeremy Jonathan Joseph Jones,

Your farm was fair to see;

But now a lake lies over its stones,

From whose dark bosom horrific moans

Are heard noctallee.

To check the flood you started, I’ve heard

All efforts were in vain;

Until the Bureau at Washington stirred,

And stopped the storm with a single word,

By just predicting – Rain!

The Rhyme of the Rain Machine, by F. W. Clarke, 1891



If murder were not illegal, cloud seeding would not exist. After all, no single person has ever been prosecuted for an “act of God,” and we have never seen “Mother Nature” in a court of law.

Since we are trained by news media to believe that weather just “happens” as a natural process of condensation, we are also trained to believe that God is somewhere up in Heaven “making tornadoes and hurricanes,” and also that clouds, rain, and deaths caused by weather modification are a “natural occurance.”

This could not be further from the truth, and is rather quite the opposite.

This book will explore historical and scientific facts. Our weather is manufactured by man – worldwide.

Cloud condensation nuclei are necessary for cloud drop formation because of the Kelvin effect, which describes the change in saturation vapor pressure due to a curved surface. At small radii, the supersaturation needed for condensation to occur is so large that it does not happen naturally.” -Wikipedia, Cloud Physics

Weather is a natural event, just as“Christopher Columbus discovered America.”

Nothing more, nothing less.

For those of us who seek the truth, here it is.

1) The History of Cloud Seeding

2) Legality Issues – How Is Murder Legal?

3) Geoengineering: Sulfate Aerosols and the Last Mass Extinction of Life on Earth
(IPCC Population Stabilization and Agenda 21)

The History of Cloud Seeding

The first (domestic and government-funded) cloud seeding experiments in recorded history took place in the 1800s.

WEATHER MODIFICATION. Rainmaking efforts began in Texas in the early 1890s, when army units, recalling that in the Civil War artillery bombardments often had been followed by rain, experimented by firing explosives into the air in the hope of obtaining rain. Experiments were conducted in Midland at least as early as 1891 by Gen. Robert St. George Dyrenforth, who used explosive balloons and artillery to “break the balanced state” of nature and make rainclouds develop. “ []

Individuals gained the idea of cloud seeding from the flood of Noah, when rain was a laughable subject, and witnessed “real” or “non-man-made” clouds only by volcanic eruptions of sulfuric ash (sulfur dioxide).

Sulfur dioxide, of course, is the cause of acid rain. Unfortunately for earth, rain is not a natural process. Rain merely cleanses the pollution that was created by cloud seeding in the first place. This is why many people claim that their allergies suddenly seem to vanish when rain enters the equation of what we call “weather.”

Clouds have historically been seeded by burning forests to produce ash and moisture evaporation, by aircraft, by ground cloud seeding machines, and by ocean yachts. Ocean yachts produce what is known as the “marine layer,” while ground cloud seeding machines produce most of our cloudy weather that we see today. Cloud seeding, in America, began in the 18th century.

Aircraft cloud seeding, without a doubt, is the most destructive form of all cloud seeding methods. According to NASA, the first successful aircraft cloud-seeding mission was performed in 1923.

Since 1923, aircraft have played a vital role in manufacturing our weather. Without silver iodide, clouds would just be clouds. Without ground-seeded clouds, clouds would not exist.

A simple experiment that you can test this theory with is the condensation method. While cooking a pot of water, notice how hot that the water is before condensation is produced. Touch the water when it is hot enough to produce condensation. Actually, I would highly advise against it. The reason being: it will burn.

Water must be heated to an extremely high temperature to produce condensation. If anyone ever touches a body of water, whether it be an ocean, lake, or anything other than a boiling pot on your stove – then a cloud may possibly form from it. Actually, I will rephrase that. Condensation will form from this extremely hot body of water. Not clouds.

Water is not a convective cell by nature. This is why silver iodide must be added to the mix in order to produce the desired effect of rain.

However, in extremely large quantities, water-seeded (only) clouds will find a way to conform to gravity. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail can be produced by water-seeded clouds. Adding silver iodide to the mix was the “magic spell” that the rain-dancers sought, to complete the curse.

During the 1920s, massive cloud seeding projects began throughout the United States. At the same time, we also noticed 2 other major occurrences within the same nation.

The “mental illness” craze began. Thousands of people went insane, hospitals were filled with people in line for a frontal lobotomy.

Although some psychiatrists still claim that the cause of mental illness is “unknown” and “hereditary,” we are now able to attribute mental illness to heavy metal poisoning and vitamin deficiencies (especially Vitamin D).

Also, we noticed a great reduction in spending. More notably, the Great Depression.

When do people buy things? When are people seeking to purchase their new vehicle, home, or other form of entertainment?

Not when the weather is bad.

Cloudy weather is the number one cause of economic destruction. As a former car salesman, I can easily verify this with obvious statistics. People stay inside when it is raining, and people do not purchase new items – or even desire to work for them – when the weather is overcast.

Project Stormfury was a major turning point in weather modification.

Although clouds were seeded intentionally for war-related purposes during Vietnam and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, the United States Air Force was intentionally tricked into believing that they cloud “stop hurricanes” by cloud seeding via aircraft – while remaining completely oblivious to the fact that the hurricane was, in fact, cloud seeded in the first place.

Sorties of aircraft flew into hurricanes, releasing silver iodide flares. The stated intent was to “create rain outside of the hurricane eye,” which would supposedly diminish the hurricane into non-existence. This is similar to pissing on a bathroom floor to dry it off. I cannot think of a better example, and I cannot create a better parable than this. It’s just that simple.

After the complete and obvious expected failure of Project Stormfury, NASA took charge of the weather modification project. It was called “SAGE” – or Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment.

After millions of people had died from weather modification, weather became a weapon. After all, who can be prosecuted when 95% of the population believes that their weather was caused by an “act of God?”

During the Vietnam era, clouds destroyed most of the crops. Clouds were seeded over Vietnam on a constant basis – leaving our troops dying of disease, while leaving the Vietnamese people with no rice crop.

The rain just never stopped. This was not a part of the war, but was most of the war. Clouds were the number one killer. Not bullets.

After aerosol experiments began, notably using aluminum and sulfur dioxide, cloud seeding took a major turn – for the worse.

Death became serial killing. Clouds became man’s enemy. Not that clouds weren’t man’s enemy before, but now, they were a threat to their very existence.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, and plagues destroyed land, homes, people, crops, and animals. This is our present situation, this is our past situation, this is weather modification.

Although Geoengineer Ken Caldeira actually admits that Geoengineering is weather modification, designed for the purpose of destruction, other Geoengineers claim that the purpose of atmospheric modification is to “prevent climate change” that is causing global warming.

Unfortunately, the claimed “science” of Al Gore that states “CO2 causes global warming” is absolutely false. White carbon is actually a “temperature regulator” for our climate. Without CO2, we would suffer an ice age or a burn age. Possibly both at the same time.

Not to mention, most cloud-seeding methods use carbon dioxide (dry ice) to seed clouds. So, where is the “human action” that causes global warming? Why must one seed clouds with carbon dioxide, blame the rise in temperature on carbon, then propose spraying sulfur to combat the effect of the first pollutant?

Did Napoleon gas the Haitians with sulfur dioxide to “save them from global warming?” He murdered them with the poisonous gas in the hulls of his ship.

There have been five mass extinctions of humanity on earth, and sulfur dioxide was involved in nearly every single one. Volcanic eruptions of sulfur aerosols that created clouds, acid rain, and sulfuric ash – destroying a vast majority of the population of humanity – while destroying nearly all crops and livestock.

This is where we are now.

Legality issues: How Is Murder Legal?

One of the lingering questions that will arise with any cloud-seeding conversation is: “how do these people get away with this?”

First, let us take a look at who funds geoengineering projects.

The Rockefeller Institute, and Bill Gates have both funded geoengineering projects; in addition to the DOD, NOAA, CIA, NASA, and USAF.

There is a huge involvement of billions of dollars within the geoengineering program.

I will use an example of how money can be used to “get away” with anything.

Nearly 2 years ago, CIA agent Raymond Davis was caught in possession of documents that instructed him to deliver bombs to Al Qaeda. Our Secretary of State paid 29.2 million dollars in “blood money” to the families of the 2 murdered ISI agents that were “hot on Raymond’s tail.”

Raymond Davis, although obviously guilty of terrorism (and the murder of 2 intelligence agents who were trying to prevent the bombs from reaching Al Qaeda), was released back into the United States.

When money talks, people listen. That is extremely unfortunate, considering that 2 innocent people died (who were trying to do the right thing), in addition to American soldiers who return with dismembered limbs (or don’t return at all) due to operations that were constructed by people such as Raymond Davis.

With cloud seeding, there is no difference.

We have  a group of millionaires who claim to “save the world” from a 1-2 degree rise in temperature by “releasing heavy reflective metal aerosols to block the sunlight.” Not only reflective metals, but we also have mass amounts of sulfur and dust (see Bioprecipitation).

This program can be attributed to the death of thousands of people. Yet, no single person has ever been prosecuted for weather modification.

The UN National Convention, nearly 40 years ago, agreed that weather modification for weaponisation purposes is illegal. To this day, weather modification continues. No person has ever been convicted in court for murdering another person via weather modification, although multiple lawsuits have been filed against it.

Yet again, in 2010, the United Nations banned geoengineering once again. Unfortunately, it appears that serial killing from a safe distance has been outlawed twice – yet still continues.

Geoengineering is weather modification, and both the FBI (private conversation with agent) and Wikipedia (article: Climate Engineering) state that UAVs and any other weather modification device can be legally destroyed or disabled – as geoengineering is an attempt to alter the weather (which is illegal both internationally and within the United States).

Barium Sulfate, in 2011, was classified as a “potential biological agent” by the EPA. This ingredient is one of the two main ingredients used in geoengineering, along with aluminum being the runner-up.

The Rapid City flood is a great example of how cloud-seeding is allowed to destroy people and cities – without consequence.

Although hundreds of people died in the man-made storm in Rapid City, although a lawsuit was filed against cloud seeding after the storm, the madness continued.

Actually, the madness increased. Division of opinion creates goals for the willing. While families of the affected cried out for Justice, the sociopathic behavior of cloud seeding program instructors merely cried our for more destruction.

I am amazed at how people can watch their own families die, their own homes destroyed, everything… gone. Stolen. Raped. Taken. Killed.

Nothing is done about it. In my personal opinion, geoengineers are nothing more than a group of occultic serial killers who are able to get away with murder.

No person with an IQ above 10 could ever believe that your family is being “sprayed with sulfur and aluminum” to protect you from a 1-2 degree rise in temperature, by the same man who has admittedly participated in population control with vaccines (Bill Gates), which caused the death of 47,500 people.

Bill Gates is a murderer. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is responsible for distributing vaccines that would knowingly cause spontaneous abortion and death by paralysis. Not only this, he even admitted to using vaccines to “control the population” during a TED interview.

This man is a serial killer. He continues to kill. That is geoengineering. This is no “conspiracy theory,” this is the Charles Manson cult when Charles Manson became a billionaire.

Murder is legal if you can pay people to shut the hell up about it. Anyone who understands history or simple logic should easily understand this fact.

Cloud seeding has been a secretive government project since the early 19th century. Since then, weather has been the leading cause of death – when considering the illnesses, accidents, and weather events caused by weather modification.

Accidents, diseases, silver-iodide and heavy-metal side effects that shorten life spans through constant exposure. We will never know the true death toll that has been caused by this disgusting and highly deceptive program.

In fact, the World Health Organization reports that air pollution causes 1 out of 8 deaths, totalling over 7 million deaths in 2012 alone.

Of course, cloud-seeding disasters are attributed to an “act of God” or nature.

The only non-man-made “clouds” that you will see on earth, again, are from volcanoes.

“The water droplets and ice crystals that make up clouds don’t usually form spontaneously in the atmosphere — they need a solid or liquid surface to collect on. Tiny particles of dust, soot and airplane exhaust — and even bacteria — are known to provide these surfaces, becoming what atmospheric scientists call cloud condensation nuclei (CCN).”


So, if clouds need a supersaturation of 400% humidity in the atmosphere, in addition to cloud condensation nuclei, let’s take a look to see how difficult it would be to form a cloud:

Condensation (humidity) is natural.
Clouds must be made with cloud condensation nuclei.

Wilson and Aitken discovered something

else: that it is more difficult to form a cloud

after one or two expansion cycles. In fact, if they

waited for the cloud droplets to settle between

expansions, after several expansions no cloud

formed at all.


They surmised that cloud droplets must

form on invisible particles of dust in the air and

that each cloud that settles out takes some of

the dust with it. After several cloud-forming

cycles, the dust would all be cleared out of the

air and no more condensation could occur. We

now know they were right. Some type of solid

surface, called a cloud condensation nucleus, is

necessary to initiate the condensation of water

droplets. In subsequent experiments, Wilson

demonstrated that clouds could still form in

cleaned-out air, but only with extreme super-

saturation corresponding to a relative humidity

of 400%.


In the free atmosphere, although it is still

necessary to exceed 100% relative humidity for

clouds to form, such extreme supersaturations

are not necessary. Atmospheric supersatura-

tions are usually less than 1% (101% relative

humidity). And there must be plenty of cloud

condensation nuclei everywhere, because even

in the extremely clean air over oceans or polar

ice sheets, clouds seem to have no trouble


Creation of the Supersaturated State in Nature

Supersaturation in nature happens the same

way as in a bottle: through high humidity

coupled with cooling. When warm, moist air

blows over a cool surface it becomes chilled.

When it is chilled below the dew point (the

Figure 6. John Aitken, who from 1888 to 1892 performed a

variety of experiments showing that clouds
nucleate on motes of dust.


From The Collected Papers of John Aitken,
temperature at which water vapor begins to

condense), a fog forms. On the west coast of the

United States, warm, moist air from the Pacific

blows over the cold California Current and then

onshore to produce the familiar fogs of San


When, on the other hand, cool air moves

over warm water, it chills humid air rising from

the water, condensing it into filamentary clouds

that look like steam. Hunters, campers, and

naturalists know that steam fog is rather

commonly found over lakes in early morning.”


University Corporation for Atmospheric Research



So, long story short, Cloud Condensation Nuclei are the bank. Water is the robber. We are taught the opposite in school, that “clouds form from condensation.” Clouds are not merely condensation. Clouds are pollution particles which attach to water.



Geoengineering: Sulfate Aerosols and the Last Mass Extinction of Life on Earth
(IPCC Population Stabilization and Agenda 21)

Population control, for some (or most), is considered to be “conspiracy theory.”

I will spend a few paragraphs elaborating on the term “conspiracy theory” to finish the stereotypic racism against the word “conspiracy.”

Conspiracies are official crimes. People are charged with a crime of “conspiracy”  hundreds of times each year. A conspiracy merely means that multiple people have a plan of action with mis-intent.

If we cannot get past this “insane mentality” against the word “conspiracy,” then we will never understand the obvious reality that “history repeats itself.”

Aside from the misconceptions of classified programs versus paranoia of the public, I will continue with this chapter.

Releases of sulfur dioxide, throughout history, have wreaked havoc on our planet. Every single release of sulfur dioxide in recorded history has caused death, destruction, and famine.

Population stabilization is an official project of the United Nations, the IPCC, and other “climate” organizations. Agenda 21 is a rather old term, used by those who are labeled as “conspiracy theorists” today, who are using Agenda 21 to prove “conspiracy” as an official government document.

Rather than use official government documents in place of logic, I believe that it is time that the people begin to think for themselves, and become aware of the obvious reality of our current situation.

If two witnesses say the same thing in court, the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If thousands of people say the same thing, against a group of a few hundred, you can usually bet that the thousands of people are right. If a Doppler Radar says that a cloud formed from within a land source, you can guarantee that it was seeded.

There are hundreds of cloud seeding bases in America, thousands worldwide. China is the largest producer of artificial precipitation, and we are actually way behind them (thank God).

If someone “sprays pollution into the atmosphere” to “combat global warming,” when 1 out of 8 people die from air pollution, I think that it’s safe to say that automobile exhaust didn’t kill most of them.

Please, research stratospheric aerosol geoengineering and cloud seeding. Weather modification is a huge threat to life on earth, and the biggest Ponsi scheme that man has ever faced in human history.

Millions of people have awakened recently to the reality of cloud seeding. Unfortunately, for some, it is too late.

There is only freedom in truth, if truth is accepted and changed.

While we saw the Charles Manson cult locked up for serial killing, we watch cloud seeding continue every single day. While we let OJ Simpson off for murdering his ex-wife, we all knew that the bloody glove fit his hand.

Where does the confusion lie? Are earth’s inhabitants unaware, or do they just not care?

I publish this book to clarify the question that has plagued me for years. Now that everyone knows the truth – we will see what can (and will) be done about it.

God bless. Peace, truth, and love out.


“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”

– Albert Einstein

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Michael D. Fleming (1983-[hasn’t croaked yet]) was born in Bristol, Tennessee, to Native-American (Cherokee) and German descent, and grew up in East Tennessee.

Full references for verification of subjects may not be provided. All information within this book is based on history that can be verified through any Encyclopedia, and current events that can be verified through any AP news source or Doppler Radar archive.

As always, I encourage self-study of the facts provided within my books.

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