The Eternal Fan

Because hell just isn’t as hot when you don’t have to pay an electricity bill for cooling yourself off.

Are you tired of not having a ceiling fan? Do you want to install a ceiling fan in your home, but are afraid of construction costs and ply-wall-cuts? The Eternal Fan is for you! Our ceiling fan mounts on any ceiling and is durable enough to last for decades.

Best of all, there is no electricity required.

The Eternal Fan operates solely from magnets, and may be powered on or off by a switch in the center of the 3 fan blades. You can also choose to reverse the direction of the fan by switching the polarity of the opposing magnets, which reverse the direction of the fan blades to suit your needs.

The fan is extremely lightweight, yet powerful.

Operating with blades that are thin enough to resemble a potato-chip, yet dynamically-designed to push air throughout your home, the Eternal Fan is sure to cool off your southern-belle created Apple Pie in the windowsill – before the varmits come to take it from you.

The fan is extremely easy to install.

With only an adhesive pad, you can install this ceiling fan in a flash. Of course, safety is the man goal with any ceiling fan (unless you have an in-home death-wish), so we do include anchors which secure attachment to the ceiling (in case of moisture or other problems that may loosen the adhesive).

Think long-term. Think Eternal Fan.

Although our product costs the same as most ceiling fans that require electrical operation, the savings begin immediately. With an electrical ceiling fan, constant watts are drained from your electrical box. While you enjoy your cup of tea under your man-made breeze, your electrical company enjoys their extra $5 bucks for that day. With the Eternal Fan, we let you keep that $5 bucks – with which you can go buy yourself a few more cups of tea.


On-Sale Soon. Patent Not Applicable.