The Age of Genocide and the Importance of Accountability

Chance in State Nature: Borders of Security

The Age of Genocide and the Importance of Accountability

Michael D. Fleming

TASAM 2016
Keywords: genocide, terrorism, cia, united nations, icc

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The cooperation of international organizations to combat terrorism, including but not limited to the United Nations, is of utmost importance.

In the fall of 1939, the Nazi regime, under Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland; blaming the Jewish religion for the world’s problems. In 2003, the terrorist regime of Barack Hussein Obama, under the Central Intelligence Agency’s misguided “weapons of mass destruction” excuse, invaded Iraq; blaming Muslims for the world’s problems.

This repeat of history will continue until the terrorists are brought to justice.

In an Operation Northwoods style attack, we now know that the CIA has attempted to recruit the Saudi Arabian hijacker in order to justify a war on the Middle East. Most of these so-called “terror plots” within the United States were simply acts of State-Sponsored Terrorism, used in order to justify the continued surveillance state that plagues the United States of America.

To prevent the spread of terrorism, the convicted criminals must face justice.

The Central Intelligence Agency, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and other criminals should not be allowed to seek refuge within the United States, who is now harboring terrorists; which essentially means that the United States Government is a terrorist organization themselves.

If this nation cannot bring these fugitives to justice, the International Criminal Court, in cooperation with the United Nations, must seek extradition and prosecution for the genocide, torture, and other war crimes that these individuals have been convicted of in a court of law.

If we allow the Central Intelligence Agency to continue their terror plots against other nations, to continue their lies and deceit of the American people in order to justify the repeat of the Nazi regime, we cannot question the world’s current and future problems.

Criminals must answer for their crimes, as animals who cannot control themselves must be placed in a cage. Closing all borders from the Central Intelligence Agency’s international operation is the first step to containing the problem that should have never existed – which is, terrorism.

The arrest of any Central Intelligence Agency employee who crosses international borders is encouraged and justified, as the Central Intelligence Agency is now officially an international terrorist organization.

We must unite against terrorism, and eliminate the Central Intelligence Agency once and for all.