Personal Resume:


Michael David Fleming

(770) 744-4473


Objective: To pursue a career in one of my three main areas of study; which include: Sales, Information Technology, and Caregiving/Naturopathy/Wellness.



  • Working at the AT&T Call Center, I maintained a top 10 Sales position for the entire duration of employment with this company. I averaged corporate revenues between $4,000 and $7,000 per month for the company.
  • My experience in Information Technology is including but not limited to: Website and Graphic Design, CISCO Systems networking, and PC virus removal and prevention. I have experience with virtually all operating systems; including Windows, Linux/UNIX, and Macintosh. I am proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, MS Word, etc.), HTML coding, CSS design/editing, some PHP programming and troubleshooting knowledge,, and graphic design capabilities. I am able to type over 75 WPM on a consistent basis.
  • In regards to Natural Wellness, I have gained extensive knowledge of the use of herbal/natural remedies through personal study and working with clients at a previous job. I have written website content that includes information on how to prevent and cure illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and others. I also have experience and certifications in caregiving. I have previously assisted completely-disabled MR clients, and I have also performed in-home caregiving duties on a full-time basis.


  • 2005-Present: Self-Employed Website and Graphic Design.
  • For over six years, I have built and maintained my client network of Internet Business websites. I have obtained experience in HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, PHP, CGI, SQL databases, and more. My specialty lies in Search Engine Optimization and PPC strategy management. I have the ability to create custom WordPress themes and squeeze pages. During this time, I would also perform caregiving for MR patients and the elderly as a second job.
  • 2012-2013: AT&T Customer Service Representative (Billing / Sales Department)
  • During my call center position at AT&T, I gained knowledge of customer service skills and phone-sales experience. I was able to maintain a top-10 sales position throughout my employment with this company’s call center.
  • 2010: Foods For Life
  • At Foods for Life, I worked in the sales department at a large and independently owned health food store. I helped many customers with various health/medical needs and concerns; while gaining knowledge of vitamins/supplements, and their medicinal uses and benefits.

Awards and Certifications:

  • 2000 Future Business Leaders of America Desktop Publishing; 1st in State (TN) for promotional material / advertisement design. Competitor in National Competition at Long Beach, CA.
  • 2001 2nd place top salesman, Pinnacle Promotions, Inc. (Johnson City, TN).
  • Certified in Assisted Living (caregiving), Greeneville, TN; 2009.
  • CCNA (CISCO Certified Networking Technician), Northeast State Technical Community College, 2009.
  • Vetted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, member of Infragard (Huntsville chapter)
  • Security clearance with the Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure


  • Northeast State Technical Community College, DeVry University.
  • Certified in CISCO Systems (CCNA), courses received in Website Design and Criminal Justice Administration.


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