Restoring the Blue Sky


The best plan to solve the cloud seeding and geoengineering problem is educating the public about the reality of manufactured weather, plan for alternative and reliable sources of water, and use sustainability of renewable resources (which are plentiful); rather than relying on a temporary solution for a permanent problem. Because cloud seeding and geoengineering have caused (and continue to cause) massive deaths, and do so on a daily basis, we should treat any cloud seeding project as an emergency-attention need. We should also find reliable alternatives to water sources for man-made farms who wish to mass-produce food, such as government grants for farming irrigation techniques. When cloud seeding is used to produce rain, rather than irrigation, the farmer is not the only one who receives the acidic water on his land; as roads, homes, and schools are drowned in acid rain – which is produced by cloud condensation nuclei of sulfur dioxide and “dust” in bioprecipitation. Thus, when cloud seeding “waters the plains,” so to speak, it is nothing more than “playing God” with an Ant Farm – but some kids who liked to “shake it up” never “grew up.” Ending cloud seeding would ironically, as shown in the next section, end drought as well as stabilize the climate to a natural state of the earth’s cycle – in conjunction with the orbit of the sun. The main benefit of ending cloud seeding and geoengineering is to allow the continuing sustainability of life that our planet has produced for us for generations.

These solutions are better than proposed cloud seeding and geoengineering schemes, since these remedies would not only cost much less – but would also create jobs and increase the health of our planet and its inhabitants. The health benefits of humans are highly affected by cloud seeding and geoengineering, as 1 out of every 8 humans die from air pollution. While carbon dioxide is emitted in the form of “poof” clouds, sulfur dioxide is emitted to “counteract it” with further pollution. Both programs equally contribute to the death of humans in this case. In addition, weather modification programs have displaced millions, destroyed many third-world nations, and have cost insurance companies billions – which eventually leads to the collapse of a corporation, one-by-one, and then an economy in its entirety. Of course, ending cloud seeding and geoengineering would be a rather difficult task to accomplish – as nearly ⅔ of nations participate in this scheme; with the most active being Communist nations, such as Russia and China. By simply engaging the public with the truth about their weather, about the man-made clouds that form man-made storms, a decision can be made based upon simple facts. When people assume that their weather was formed from water, as it may have been “natural” as taught, it completely distracts from the logic of cloud seeding and geoengineering – which, without volcanic activity, are required to produce any type of clouds that are now seen on earth.

There are three steps to making this idea a reality. First, there must be alternative energy sources. Combustion-energy production must cease immediately, as there are many, many sources of perpetual-motion production capabilities that can provide a higher over-unity production as well as a non-pollutant source of production. Next, cloud seeding bases and geoengineering sources must be closed and investigated for potential further use. With any cloud seeding scheme, unfortunately, the person who is creating the storm is intentionally and knowingly committing a crime of destruction. We cannot “play dumb” as they do – and pretend that this is an “act of God” when science refutes the obvious. We cannot deny logic, we must face reality head-on, and understand that any weather modification activity is murder. Finally, we must educate the public about the reality of the atmosphere. For over a century, we have been made to believe that any weather is natural – which is only false in the case of the four seasons with the earth’s rotation. If we truly understood the death toll from cloud seeding – the cancer caused by humidity and sulfates, the infections from bioprecipitation, the overall affect of pollution and carbon nanotubes on the human population and their life spans in general – we would take immediate action against it. We cannot live in denial to change the future; and if we repeat the past, and exceed it, we will continue to see the same results.

This plan will help to save human lives and the future generations of those who wish to live. Additionally, this plan will put to better use the collective sustainability of humanity who are caught up in the “band-aid on a scar” phase. We must put the past behind us, and recreate the present – so that we are able to live in the future. The most costly storm that has been produced by cloud seeding in recent years was Hurricane Sandy. The monetary destruction caused by this engineered storm, alone, could have provided every farmer with irrigation tools for lifetime – as well as tools to plow their land, house their crops, and generate decades of food for the entire nation. As seen in the chart, death tolls from weather modification have drastically reduced in recent years; indicating that humanity is beginning to wake up to the reality of the murder and destruction caused by manufactured storms. However, the genocide of pollution remains. A system that was given to us, a life-sustaining planet with clear blue skies, the smell of flowers in the morning, the morning fog that waters the earth naturally – and the ability to enjoy such without the threat of sulfur dioxide emissions – is where we need to be.


Figure 2: This chart shows the weather death decrease in recent years caused by weather-related disasters. The reality is, while cloud seeding increases, less storms and more pollution switch the death toll over to another serial killer. Clearly, there are more deaths daily than active cloud-seeding bases, which indicates that at least 1 person will die every day from each operating cloud-seeding structure in America, which does not include the 1 out of 8 from the “released atmospheric pollution” to “combat CO2 emissions from cloud seeding.” Displaying the fact that heavy cloud seeding in combination weather modification procedures, which were unavailable to early cloud-seeding organizations – creating “rogue storms” that were not able to be controlled, easily shows that cloud seeding in excess, when controlled, can produce only rainfall – and not rogue tornadoes. However, taking into account vehicle accidents caused by weather modification (not pictured in the above chart), over 17 people are killed every day from weather-related vehicular accidents. Therefore, we have a daily calculation of 19,880 deaths per day that can be directly attributed to cloud seeding and other pollution methods, such as combustion energy.


Let’s help our society to reclaim our clean air and our blue sky. It will help to stop the innocent death of asthmatics, reduce health costs and doctors’ visits, and not force them to worry about the future with self-sustaining and pollution-free methods of energy production. We were given a rich land to support life, yet – if we destroy it – we must also remember that we “make the bed today that we will lie in tonight.”

Cloud seeding and geoengineering have caused enough deaths, diseases, and famines. It’s time that we close the chapter on control, and open the chapter on one-ness. Contact me at to join me in fighting for a better present and future. Sign the petition at and contact your local legislators to say “let’s take back our skies and enjoy life again.” To regain our skies, we must realize, on the local weather forecast, every day should be a “sunny” day.