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Dear Domestic Terrorists

Dear Domestic Terrorists (a.k.a. the “Intelligence” community in Amerika),

We all know how you feel inside. You don’t have to feel this way anymore. We’re here for you.

Lately, you’ve been going around illegally surveying individuals, honking your horns at them for attention, and using chemical, biological, and radiation weapons against your...Read More »

If Jesus Were Crucified In America

If Jesus were crucified in America instead of ancient Roman times, he might have it a lot worse due to the backwards evolution of humanity.

First, his name is Ye’shua bin Yosef. Since he’s Arab, and has 12 guys following him around, the...Read More »

The Age of Genocide and the Importance of Accountability

Chance in State Nature: Borders of Security

The Age of Genocide and the Importance of Accountability

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Amerika the Beautiful

Throughout history, many individuals have attempted to modify the climate with geoengineering or by simply releasing sulfur dioxide into the olfactory orifices of the unwilling.

Notably, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, David Keith, and the CIA in Operation LAC, Operation Dew, Project...Read More »

Eliminate Langley - End Terrorism

Throughout history, the terrorist organization of the Central Intelligence Agency, formerly known as the OSS, formerly known as the war department, has done nothing but:

  1. Test weapons on American citizens (chemical, biological, and radiation weapons [commit treason])
  2. Start wars with other countries by...Read More »

Letters To Satan

We’ve all heard of “Conversations With God,” and “Letters To Santa.”

Michael takes on the big (little) guy with “Letters To Satan.”
Check back for continued letters, addressed to the little bitch himself.

Dear Satan,

Today, I wondered to myself – why...Read More »

FBI: Geoengineering Is Terrorism

During a private meeting with FBI agents in the Huntsville field office in 2015, two FBI agents concluded that geoengineering was classified as “eco-terrorism.” The same was confirmed by Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen on April 28, 1997.

Today, 60,000 people will die from geoengineering. Millions more will succumb to illness, disease,...Read More »

The Day The CIA Hijacked America

9/11: Case Closed
The Day The CIA Hijacked America

Michael D. Fleming

Although the excuse of “climate modification” is a lie to propagate the use of chemical weapons, I thought that I might discuss the use of weather as a weapon to help enlighten the masses to this ongoing terrorist attack.


(2015 Istanbul Security Conference...Read More »

Law Enforcement Corrections: Problems and Solutions

The justice system often has problems related to the intention of not only punishing the guilty – but preventing future crimes. Here, we distinguish the solution to the problem of future crime prevention, with...Read More »

Corruption and Terrorism

As a child, I believed that all criminals went to prison. As I grew older, I knew that this was not the case. In fact, I learned quite the opposite. I decided...Read More »

Letter To Haters

Dear Cloud Seeders, Geoengiqueers, Serial Killers, and Haters in General,

My sincere apologies for constantly being negative on Facebook. I’ll use the psychological factor of “build, break, build” in this post to explain your current situation.

You see, not only do I explain the...Read More »

Why People Commit Crimes

In my humble opinion, crimes are always committed for personal gain – in one form or the other. From the simplicity of “jaywalking” to the incomprehensible act of geoengineering, otherwise...Read More »

CI-Gay: Come Out Of The Closet

Underlying deep beneath the “covert operatives” or “secret assassins” lies a much more clear Freudian disorder for “spies who like to track other guys.”

Of course, we all know that the CIA has a strange obsession for sodomy. That is, when...Read More »

Mick West: Busted Internet Troll at Metabunk

Mick West, the coincidence theorist employed by the government in a weak and feeble attempt to disprove official government programs, is now caught aiding and abetting the chemical terrorist group “geoengineers,” who admittedly release chemical and biological agents on the population for “climate change.”

Of course, Mick West attempts to...Read More »

Policing Domestic Terrorism


Within recent years, the word “terrorism” has been used hundreds of thousands of times within America’s newspapers, magazines, and television media outlets. With the inception of this apparently growing problem, police are left to face new threats in society...Read More »

The Irony of Terrorism: The Central "Intelligence" Agency


Within recent years, the word “terrorism” has been used hundreds of thousands of times within America’s newspapers, magazines, and television media outlets. With the inception of this apparently growing problem, police are left to face...Read More »

David Keith Admits To Chemical Terror Attacks On The United States

For the first time, in public, geoengineering “climate scientist” David Keith is out of the closet about his proposed chemical terror attacks against the United States.

Now, not only is David Keith plotting attacks against American citizens with sulfuric acid – he is...Read More »

NSA Agent / Domestic Terrorist Kyle Earley a.k.a. "Joe Gunzliano" and "Jay Uzi" Busted

‪NSA‬ agent and Domestic Terrorist Kyle Earley, otherwise known as “Jay Uzi” or “Joe Gunzliano,” working at the Roaring Creek Station in Pennsylvania, has been caught hacking activist’s account pages on Facebook.

In addition, Kyle is a member of the anarchist group “‪#‎Clownsec‬,” who uses violence, intimidation, and threats...Read More »

9/11 Victim Families Can Now Sue The CIA

In a struggle against terrorism, America must wonder why it has spent $7 trillion dollars to find 19 Muslims with boxcutters from caves – while some of them are still alive.

This obvious attack from CIA inside sources and their ally, the Saudi Arabian government, can not go unpunished.

9/11 victim...Read More »

Parkison's Disease Cure?

A link between a gut bacteria, H. Pylori, and Parkinson’s disease has been found.

H. Pylori is a gram-negative bacteria, and can be killed with iodine, clove oil, and cinnamon oil.

This gut bacteria thrives on lactose and animal...Read More »

PR: Third Geoengineering Movie In Production

Activist and producer Michael J. Murphy has begun production on his third film exposing the geoengineering cover-up, entitled “An UNconventional Shade of Grey.”

With a recent poll indicating that only 8% of the population is aware of the geoengineering scheme, using methods of film production, combined with atmospheric tests...Read More »

Michael Fleming
Michael Fleming
who sent the book
Joe Gunzliano
Joe Gunzliano
Doesn’t the mystery behind it make it that much more fun?
Michael Fleming
Michael Fleming
Nope. You see, the police are investigating it. I don’t expect much of a prosecution on whoever did it for...Read More »

A True Story: The Farmer In Amerika

A few hundred years ago, a group of slave-owning, baphomet-worshiping, mentally-ill Freemasons landed on a remote country. Assuming they were in India, they called the people that were already there “Indians” and stole their land / “discovered America” while raping their women.

The reason was simple....Read More »

How To Hack A Human


One of the most common sayings of the NRA is “if we outlaw guns, only criminals will have guns.”

With hundreds of thousands of people complaining of electronic weapons abuses worldwide, with the targets always being innocent civilians, how about we give them a...Read More »

Criminal Theories And High-Tech Offenders

Recently, high-tech offenders have been among the most sought-after criminals in the country, committing the most crimes related to theft and embezzlement, and also ranking the highest...Read More »

Martha Stewart: Criminal, Or A Victim Of The Justice System?


The 2004 trial of Martha Stewart left the country in divide: some pleased to watch a celebrity go to jail, and others wondering what this homemaker did to deserve a federal prison sentence. This leaves the question for debate: is Martha Stewart...Read More »

The Virginia Tech Shooting Was Preventable

On April 16, 2007, a mass shooting took place on the campus of Virginia Tech university in Blacksburg, Virginia. Seung-Hui Cho is a mass murderer, killing 32 people and wounding 17 others – in addition to leaving 6 more people wounded after they attempted to escape the building by...Read More »

The CIA and Mossad: Scapegoating The Terrorist Plots

In a weak effort to clear their name, the CI-Gay and Mossad murdered another “supposed terrorist.”

Just in case Americans didn’t notice, the people are never convicted in court of any crime, are...Read More »

Internet Trolls Need Mental Help

If you are a fan of social media, there is no doubt that you have (at least) once encountered what are known as “Internet trolls,” which are the lowest form of life – next to a stalker.

An...Read More »

Geoengineering: The Climate Cult of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Normally, I try to stay away from “prophetic” warnings of doom-and-gloom. I consider them to be nothing more than an end-times cult waiting to happen.

Even in the Biblical sense, we must consider that the guy mentioned in Genesis chapter...Read More »

The CIA Is Using Chemical Weapons On American Citizens (Again)

NASA Chemtrails

Throughout the extremely violent, sociopathic, and demented history of the Central Intelligence Agency lies a not-so-secret program known as “geoengineering.”

But before we get into the present situation of the CIA gassing their own citizens with chemical terror agents, let us take...Read More »

The Government's Favorite Weapon Against Peace Activists: Suicide

When the government finds a dissident that threatens the status-quo of the war machine that funds their useless eater paycheck, they turn into a rabid dog that bites the very hand that feeds.

Wikipedia, Michael Ruppert


While...Read More »

9/11: How The CIA Destroyed America

The attack on 9/11 was the largest terrorist attack on the United States in the history of the nation, with nearly 3,000 people perishing and thousands more suffering from chronic illness due to the terrorist attacks.

The accused group of hijackers,...Read More »

Should We Castrate the CIA to Prevent Future Child Molestations?

In 2004, David Wayne Jones was castrated after sexually assaulting a young boy. Two remaining questions linger in the justice system. One question is: “should castration be a sentencing option for judges?” while the other is “should voluntary castration be available...Read More »

Permanent Cell Phone Charger

Low on cell phone juice? Is your iPad dangling from an outlet while you stretch your neck to play FarmVille?

Stretch no more. Michael to the rescue, as always.

Using a small vacuum tube and a recirculating compressed air chamber, a permanent (constantly charging) circuit can be created. When the compressed air...Read More »

Al Qaeda: Geoengineering Since 2004

Al Qaeda, the group that was hired, trained, and funded by the Central Intelligence Agency in the late 1980s, was plotting geoengineering attacks prior to David Keith, NASA, DARPA, and the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of the same chemical (sulfuric acid) against American citizens.

“The plot would have been more deadly...Read More »

CI-Gay Fails

The CIA loves the little children. Not like Jesus did, but more like a pedophile.












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Tortured in America: The Life of a Targeted Individual

Tortured in America

The Life of a Targeted Individual

Michael Fleming

“Late last year, James Walbert went to court, to stop his former business associate from blasting him with mind-altering electromagnetic radiation. Walbert told the Sedgwick County, Kansas panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with “jolts...Read More »

Alarm Clock

Wake up to Michael’s hit single “Troll and Douche” every morning!
Start your day on Fascistbook the anti-creep way.

...Read More »

Getting Drunk On A Plane

A school assignment turned rather disturbing for Michael when he was forced to listen to “Drunk On A Plane” once again.

  • 1. What is the song’s title and artist?

Dierks Bentley – Drunk On...Read More »

Remotely Operated Net Air Rescue System

Using 4 small UAVs, with each carrying capacity at 250lbs (in addition to the carrying weight of the UAV itself), an air rescue net system can remotely operate and self-sustain altitude.

For use in situations where Firefighters or Rescue Crews would be at risk to rescue individuals or animals from altitudes...Read More »

Limited Time: Website Design for $29


For a limited time, you can get a website design – for only $29.

That’s right, clones. For the price of a box of overpriced Franzia Chardonnay, you can have your own domain name up and running the same day.

9/11: Conspiracy Theory Becomes Reality
by: Michael Fleming

Conspiracy theorists claim that our government had involvement in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

Although conspiracy theorists seem to have much more...Read More »

Murder Inc.: The History of the CIA (a Wikipedia Compilation)


Murder Inc.
A History of the CIA

1) Mafia, or National Security?
2) “Coups” that overthrew governments
3) Assassinations and disinformation of peace activists
4) Domestic operations
5) “Tests” that destroyed people’s lives, including...Read More »

The Douchebag Apocalypse: Satan's 1335 Days of Playing God

The Douchebag Apocalypse

Satan’s 1335 Days of Playing God

1) RFID Aerosols, Sulfur Cloud Seeding – Control Begins

Good -vs- Evil

The “Fine Line” Between Right And Wrong

I’m glad that God is our judge… Because, if humans judged each other,...Read More »

The Electricity Heist: Energy Is Free

The Electricity Heist

Energy Is Free

The Electricity Heist

Energy Is Free


1) Dirty Energy: Game of Thrones?

Read More »

Natural Remedies for Un-Natural Diseases

Natural Remedies for Un-Natural Diseases

The Naturopath Bible: 50 diseases, 50 cures.

This book is an informative collection of research that suggests remedies for diseases. If references are...Read More »

Cloud Seeding of the Joplin Missouri Tornado (2011)

The Joplin Missouri tornado of 2011 was the deadliest tornado since 1958. Texas Weather Modification, the source of this cloud seeding “gone wrong,” is not by mistake. In fact, Texas has been creating clouds since 1891 with taxpayer funding.

To deny the reality of this storm, and all others, is to...Read More »

Hurricane Arthur Cloud Seeding 6/3/14


...Read More »

Clouds Are Man-Made

Geoengineering and Cloud Seeding 

Monika, an elderly lady from Münchenerin, plunges to her death from a hot-air balloon. Before her last breath draws from her frail body, her pain serves as a reminder to what is important in life. Her agony, her senseless and...Read More »

Restoring the Blue Sky


The best plan to solve the cloud seeding and geoengineering problem is educating the public about the reality of manufactured weather, plan for alternative and reliable sources of water, and use sustainability of renewable resources (which are plentiful); rather than relying on a temporary solution for a permanent problem. Because...Read More »

Monika's Death Is Not In Vain

Monika, an elderly lady from Münchenerin, plunges to her death from a hot-air balloon. Before her last breath draws from her frail body, her pain serves as a reminder to what is important in life. Her agony, her senseless and meaningless torture,...Read More »

Cars Without Engines

Vehicles without engines. Magnetically-powered and propelled. 


1) 2 Axles, Dual Discs.
2) Lever (gas-pedal connected) to ascend and descend on disc.
3) Body of vehicle.

Brakes can operate on disc via hydraulics. When gas pedal is pressed, lever moves magnetic disc towards dual disc...Read More »

The Freedom Code: Natural Law and the State of Nature

“The state of Nature has a law of Nature to govern it, which obliges every one, and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his...Read More »

Renewable World

Renewable World: Stop Living in the Past, and Begin Building the Future

Magnetic / non-pollutant
1) Homes and businesses
2) Transportation

Endless supply of electricity via perpetual motion. Very cheap and easy to produce.

“Limited supply” of resources:
2/3 earth is water. Install distillation plants or desalinization methods, and build water...Read More »

Letter to the Editor on Classified Information Leaks

I’m writing in response to Jack Shafer’s Edward Snowden and the selective targeting of leaks feature within The Atlantic’s news section titled, “All Leaks Are Illegal, but Some Leaks Are More Illegal Than Others” by journalist Conor Friedersdorf. It is an insightful and optimistic response to the domestic surveillance scandal...Read More »

Toxic Skies: Cloud Seeding, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification

Toxic Skies

Cloud Seeding, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification


Michael Fleming



Said Jeremy Jonathan Joseph Jones,

“The weather is far too dry,

So I reckon I’ll have to stir my bones

And try the effect of concussive tones

Upon the lazy sky.”

So Jeremy Jonathan Joseph went

Away to the nearest town:

And there his money was quickly spent

For queer...Read More »

Website Redesign? Only $149.

Is your business’ website drooping from too much age, and the law of gravity seems to have it all saggy?

Don’t be an old goon. Give your website a facelift for only $149.

One day turn-around, 5 spots available per week – because 2 days are my movie days (yeah, God gave...Read More »

Drift: The Free WiFi-based Phone With No Monthly Fee

Patent application not yet filed. Publishing as of April 26,2014 without modification (unless noted) for idea copyright.

Using wifi, the Drift phone is able to place and receive calls within range of an open wifi-network.

If you have a subscription to monthly internet via...Read More »

Air Pollution, Mortality Rates, and Disease Exacerbation

Last week, I finished an article regarding the topic “Air Pollution and Mortality Rates,” which stated that “one out of eight deaths can be attributed to air pollution.” (Tarik, 2014) As I finished the topic of assignment, I reminded myself that it was more...Read More »

Windows XP Migration and Imaging

Windows XP is dying. Actually, it’s been dead for awhile, but the Zombie OS just keeps resurrecting itself as the “Operating System of choice for older computers.”

However, support has recently ended for XP. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, leaving thousands of businesses vulnerable to hacker attacks and system...Read More »

The Eternal Fan

Because hell just isn’t as hot when you don’t have to pay an electricity bill for cooling yourself off.

Are you tired of not having a ceiling fan? Do you want to install a ceiling fan in your home, but are afraid of construction costs and ply-wall-cuts? The Eternal Fan is...Read More »

Web Hosting for $1 per month

Web hosting can cost upwards of $20 per month.

My clients are able to take advantage of $1 per month hosting (when paid yearly). 1 Gigabyte of space, 10 Gigs of monthly data transfer. $1 dollar per month.

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Because I’m just that cool.



...Read More »

Website Design

Custom websites can brand your business with your own logo, design, and business information.

Providing a website for your customers is just as important as providing great customer service in the era of information technology.

Call 770.744.4473 for a free quote.

...Read More »

Press Releases and Backlinks

The importance of press releases and backlinks for new websites cannot be stressed enough.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to providing the business with a chance of success for free advertising, also known as “organic searches.”

Pay-per-click advertising is costly, but backlinks cost only $2 a piece.

Backlinks raise your Google Page...Read More »

3 Page Website Design: $199

Until further notice, I am offering 3-page WordPress websites (with hosting) for $199.


      • 3 pages (business or personal website) with content
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      • Domain registration


Just like your dry cleaner can turn around...Read More »

Free Energy via Magnetic Propulsion

Free Energy: Magnetic Propulsion Generator

Using the magnetic poles of the earth, propulsion of magnetic objects is a natural phenomena. Windmills rely on wind, which is obviously not a stable source. Water-based generators, such as dams, rely on water levels – which is also not a consistent source of flow and...Read More »