Drift: The Free WiFi-based Phone With No Monthly Fee

Patent application not yet filed. Publishing as of April 26,2014 without modification (unless noted) for idea copyright.

Using wifi, the Drift phone is able to place and receive calls within range of an open wifi-network.

If you have a subscription to monthly internet via any loval provider (i.e. TWC) that also provides city-based wifi, or login-wifi, this phone is for you. If you are using the phone at or near your residence, you can use the wifi within your home to make and receive calls – just as a cell phone.

When you travel, the wifi login would be needed for secure connection. As with most FCC approved telecommunications devices, you can use this phone for emergency calls (911) with cell phone tower connection – even without wifi signal.

In addition, the Drift phone features an additional USB port, where a Verizon “internet go-card” can be plugged into the port, for travel purposes. The Drift phone will use your data plan, but at a very low compressed audio rate, allowing for significant talk-time without the use of much data.

– No monthly charge.
– Free phone calls (domestic, international available at GV rates).
– Your own number, provided courtesy of Google Voice.


Runs on android OS, can use ChromeOS for faster hardware operation and longer battery life.

Will seek out and promote the product idea via this blog post to various manufacturers for possible production.

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