Dear Domestic Terrorists

Dear Domestic Terrorists,

You know, Satan is lonely in hell – and Bubba is lonely in jail.

We need sell-outs like you, useful idiots who earn their way into jail or hell by selling their soul to the government / Satan, in order to make sure that the big ol’ horned guy (and Bubba) have people to torture and rape for the rest of their life / eternity. You know, using radiation, chemical, or biological weapons against American citizens is life in prison. And, I’d suppose that your karma for using sulfur against people and burning them with radiation weapons is pretty obvious.

A loving God wouldn’t throw you into hell, just like I wouldn’t throw you into jail as a future peace officer. You earned it, bitches.

If you’re mad at my rants against serial killers, rapists, pedophiles, or stalkers – I guess that just means that you’re one of them (or all combined). There are plenty of normal people out there who get to watch you burn later. Hope these few short years on Earth were fun for ya… you earned the next ones.

I know how excited you get when cloud seeders and geoengiqueers eject their white stuff from penis-shaped UAVs, but you need to find some other guy to become obsessed with. Honking your horn at me for attention leads me to believe that you support serial killers and terrorism, therefore you are aiding and abetting – and my life feels threatened by you. In that case, especially since I have one of my stalkers admitting to what is going on with me (that was really stupid of you guys), I may have to send you to hell early since I don’t have my badge yet to send you to jail.

Now, just go ahead and put down those radiation weapons and your little drone joysticks, and come out of the closet.


P.S. If you ever decide to grow a pair of nuts, say one word to my face. Quit being a little torturous bitch who relies on weapons to use from a safe distance, try that shit to my face – and see how it works out for your mentally-ill trash ass. Have a nice day.