Weather: An Act of Man

Since man ignited the first fire, there was smoke. Before the fire, there was no smoke. Before the pollution, there were no clouds. Before the man, there was no weather. Man, however, is not the problem. Their arsonist-like obsessive use of combustion – is. There is an alternative, and there has been since the axis of the earth began to spin for them.

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9/11: The Day The CIA Hijacked America

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist who can’t land on the moon in 1969 to decipher the 9/11 attacks. In fact, this short book provides enough information to convict the Central Intelligence Agency in criminal court of an accessory (before the fact) to the attacks themselves.

The CIA may now be sued by 9/11 victim family members, firefighters, NYPD police, and anyone else who was affected by this American-made tragedy.


cover Natural Cures for Un-Natural Diseases

“Natural Cures for Un-Natural Diseases” is a self-described title. Written for naturopathic health professionals and the alternative-medicine conscious consumer, this book will show 50 natural treatments for 50 (mostly) man-made diseases.

All information provided within this book can be verified with scientific studies, which causes me to question why doctors have yet to implement the naturopathic regiment. Supplementation of vitamins, herbs, and essential oils have proven to provide a higher rate of success versus manufactured medicine in all studies; while leading to little or no deaths – in comparison to millions of deaths per year from medical malpractice and drug overdose.

Two e-books included inside: “The Natural Diabetes Cure” and “Natural Cancer Cures.”

Toxic Skies: Cloud Seeding, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification

“Everyone should read this book. I think that the truth is difficult for some people to stomach but there is a time to learn… The book covers the topic of chemicals in our sky and how they have been increased the shady-or-side of man kind. This is a must read for everyone.” -Bees

“Weather modification is the biggest threat to humanity other than nuclear warfare.”
-Michael Murphy, Truth Media Productions

9/11: Conspiracy Theory Becomes Reality

“WOW! Is all I have to say. This book gets to the point very quickly. The author takes the meat off the bone faster than a St. Bernard gulping down a lamb chop. Wise up folks, 9/11 was an inside job. This book really brings the point home clearly and succinctly.” -G. Bodley

“The research of many years has been compressed into this short essay. For anybody who wants the brief facts about the abiding problem with 9/11, there is no better work to read. Eloquently expressed with grim humour, it is a piece of succinct writing.” -Cornish (UK)

Tortured In America: The Life of a Targeted Individual

Considering that the founder of the “Temple of Set” (Michael Aquino) was formerly also head of the NSA, we can now see just how creepy and disgusting that this stalker-based organization is. Since COINTELPRO (or earlier), the FBI’s SSG and the CIA have stalked, tortured, and murdered American citizens. Now, the NSA joins the treason by destroying the 4th Amendment entirely.

This book explains the torture of innocent Americans, war-protesters, and “Targeted Individuals” – which is essentially a self-created label for those who have taken action against illegal and immoral government programs; and also explains the difference between a “Targeted Individual” (outspoken citizen) versus a “whistleblower” (internal employee of the government).

The NASA Deception: Rocket Scientists Gone Mad

Ever since the Soviets have first expressed an interest in space exploration, the jealousy of American leadership followed. As with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Al Qaeda scandal, hiring a group of “rebels” to fight Soviet leadership, NASA began illegal research and experimentation on October 1, 1958, with a $100 million dollar per-year budget.

NASA’s treason has proven no less than the “blowback” of the Al Qaeda missions, and the CIA’s cooperation with this domestic terrorist organization has proven to be no more beneficial to Americans, to the Soviet jealousy, or to society in general.

From the moon landing hoax to chemical terrorism against their own citizens, NASA has accomplished less than nothing for society than hoaxes and treason – just like the CIA, DARPA, and the NSA.

cover Natural Cancer Cures

Cancer is caused by deoxygenation of cells and infection, and it can be cured. This book explains how cancer onsets within the human body; and how it can be reversed into complete remission.

“As a qualified naturopath I feel that these proposals can help many, if not all those who suffer from Cancer.”

-Dr. Johnson C. Philip

The Natural Diabetes Cure

Type 2 Diabetes is a curable disorder.

This book helps to create a diet and supplementation plan that will reduce or eliminate your medication needs and doctor’s visits with an easy-to-follow 90-day protocol  – followed by a healthier lifestyle.

“Diabetes mellitus type 2 … can be permanently corrected with weight loss and medicine.”

-Wikipedia, Pancreas

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