Michael Fleming is an activist and author, and resides in Huntsville, AL. With over a dozen books written to date, Michael has written about topics ranging from weather modification to the physics of electrical components. Michael prides his work in a “no-fluff” style approach, writing short-books that are low in cost and high on information.

He has a certification in CISCO Systems, and was also the inventor of the Dual-input (Multi-WAN) router that allows businesses to use multiple links from two or more WAN sources for improved speed and reliability of their network infrastructure.

Born and raised in Northeast Tennessee, Michael has spent the last few years of his life traveling cross-country to gather various aspects of the diverse cultures of American states.

Michael’s main focus is weather modification and air pollution activism, with the goal in mind to not only expose, but to end these highly-destructive and deadly illegal weather modification programs that have wreaked havoc on our planet.

The two books that Michael would like to promote are “Weather: An Act of Man” and “Toxic Skies: Cloud Seeding, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification.” Most have been fooled to believe that weather is a natural event, when physics and science prove quite the opposite.

As with fire, there is no smoke until someone applies the flame. As with clouds, there is a blue sky until someone decides to create pollution. Weather is man-made.