Amerika the Beautiful

Throughout history, many individuals have attempted to modify the climate with geoengineering or by simply releasing sulfur dioxide into the olfactory orifices of the unwilling.

Notably, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, David Keith, and the CIA in Operation LAC, Operation Dew, Project 112, MEDEA (geoengineering).

These schizophrenic serial killers who think that they can “control the weather” are not alone. The genocidal maniacs and their metadata-collecting¬†useful idiots in the terrorist regime of Barack Hussein Obama deserve our tax money; but rather spent on their mental health instead of weaponized UAVs and cloud seeding machines.

When the¬†pedophiles at the Central Intelligence Agency, who also enjoy raping Muslim women and sodomizing Muslim men when they aren’t “geoengineering the climate,” or when NASA isn’t “landing on the moon in 1969,” or when the Department of Homeland Security isn’t catching terrorists – just like the NSA never has either, we must begin to question the travesty of Amerika, and it’s impending collapse.

The obvious and intentional destruction of this once-great nation through the use of mass manipulation and drugging can be easily viewed by anyone with an IQ above 3 or 4. Others may label us as “conspiracy theorists” and believe that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will save them from their impending doom of the 6th mass extinction. Maybe us smart people need the mental help, and the stupid people are sane. After all, ignorance is bliss. Keep eating that fluoride. Idiocracy can explain.

The obsession of stalking from the NS-Gay and CI-Gay in Operation CHAOS and Operation Mockingbird can now be viewed with “gang stalking” and organized harassment. Their strange obsession with other guys has never been so out of the closet.

Of course, the Nazis always loved to gas, torture, and kill innocent people. Is it the Jews or the Muslims now, Amerika? Maybe it’s peace activists. We always seem to be the enemy for attempting to save American lives.

You see, little nation, waking up to you is like waking up to my bipolar ex-wife. I just never knew when I would be abused because she had a new delusion in her head that allowed her to see the wrong that I had done to her… but only through psychological projection.

I find it amusing, but rather sad. I hope that our “intelligence” community seeks help for it’s mental problems, and finds Jesus or something. God knows that they need it.

Moreso, I hope that they are able to come out of the closet and come to terms with their desires to eject white stuff into the olfactory orifices of the unwilling from penis-shaped objects, such as drones, and sodomize other guys while attempting to justify the use of sodomy by the CIA blowing up their own buildings on 9’11. Quite possibly, it may even explain the use of radiation weapons against American citizens – which are mounted to UAVs. We all know how those guys desire to make other guys all hot and sweaty…and now, they have a way to do so. They have even developed a “voice to skull” technology to inject sounds into other guys’ minds in order to seek attention from other guys in secret.

This sexual frustration of our intelligence community can be explained through Freudian psychology.

I’m sure that if I were a gay psychopath like the CIA, I may enjoy stalking, torturing, and raping other guys, too.

You are not alone, CIA. You are not alone. You’re just a gay version of Ariel Castro. Nothing more, nothing less.

As for those stuck in the psychological phase of denial, those who believe that Christopher Columbus discovered America, we landed on the moon in 1969, and the CIA catches terrorists instead of hires them – please… we need more people like you in a bonfire.

Anyone who accepts this stalking regime is welcome to stalk a bonfire. Really close up. Like, in the center of it.

After all, if I were a talent-less loser creep, I’d probably work for the NSA, too. Just like, again, if I were a gay psychopath – I’d work for the CI-Gay and sodomize some Muslims.

How about all of you terrorists just go talk to your psychiatrist about your desires to harm innocent people before you end up like Ariel Castro – hanging from a rope in a jail cell.

Have a nice day.

P.S. I guess third world countries use chemical weapons against their own citizens. You know, unlike Syria. And, like Barack Hussein Obama. What can ya do? Viva la revolucion.

You started the fire, and I’ll piss gasoline on it. I don’t start fights, I win them.

Oh, and one more thing. If any of you little heterophobes have a problem with Michael David Fleming or anything that he has said, you say one word to his face.

What’s wrong, CI-Gay? Not such a big man without those drones, huh? You afraid of a 150-pound unarmed peace activist? Sniffle, sniffle. I would expect nothing more. After all, you’re just a gay psychopath. And, the NS-Gay boys are even more pathetic. Let’s send them out to thermal image other guys’ windows while they take sh*ts like the Department of Interior did during Olmstead v. United States.

You’ve lost your shit, gay boys. Stop eating so much soy, and detox from your H1N1 shots. Seek mental help, and stay away from us normal people. Skank you. Skank you, very much.