Acts of Man – Not “God”

The legal repercussions against cloud seeding and geoengineering are endless. That is, when they are prosecuted properly.

Can I go outside of my home, shoot bullets into the sky, and when they land on random people – claim it to be an “act of God?” Such is cloud seeding and geoengineering. Can I seed clouds outside, and when storms are created that kill random people, get away with first degree murder?

It seems so.

The only way to fulfill the legal obligation against cloud seeding victims, whether it be from a hurricane, tornado, or intentional pollution (geoengineering / chemical terrorism) is to hold these little boys responsible for their murders. We can sit in denial for hundreds of years, or prosecute the guilty parties.

Clouds are man-made. This is a simple fact of physics.

If some useful idiot would like to scapegoat the rape victim – go ahead and prove what a piece of shit that you are. Science and physics are always on my side – especially in the land of Idiocracy – where the CI-Gay is known as the “intelligence community.”

With recent drone attacks, creating two hurricanes in a row to flood Texas, it reminds us all of the “double-tap” that drone operators performed while ambulance workers attempted to rescue Iraqi children from drone operators’ terrorist bombings in the Middle East. Oh, I’m sorry, Duhmerika. Those were “insurgents.” Not children.

Back to the point, stop blaming an invisible sky man on your problems. People made the problems, and people must solve them. This is simple shit. Murder in the first degree. We have all of the technology available to catch and incarcerate these mentally-ill schizophrenic serial killers who think that they can “control the weather,” and even mount radiation weapons to their UAVs to torture their victims before they kill them.

“This is the world that we live in.” We’re in a meth and heroin epidemic, and these wifi antennas and cell phones are cooking these kids’ brains, somehow making them think that they are a “thug” for performing fly-by-dronings on peoples’ homes.

Subpoena the courts to remove the three words “act of God” from all documents immediately. When this is removed, it becomes an act of man. Until then, no prosecutions will follow.

“A particularly interesting example is that of “rainmaker” Charles Hatfield, who was hired in 1915 by the city of San Diego to fill the Morena reservoir to capacity with rainwater for $10,000. The region was soon flooded by heavy rains, nearly bursting the reservoir’s dam, killing nearly 20 people, destroying 110 bridges (leaving 2), knocking out telephone and telegraph lines, and causing an estimated $3.5 million in damage in total. When the city refused to pay him (he had forgotten to sign the contract), he sued the city. The floods were ruled an act of God, excluding him from liability but also from payment.”

-Wikipedia, Act of God